Aims & Objects



“Pakistan Masiha Party” (PMP): In Pakistan, there are minorities: like Ahmadis, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Zoroastrians (the Parsis). The Christians are the largest minority community, the constitute 5 per cent millionof the Pakistani population. They are peaceful citizens. They have strong ties and the utmost regard for Pakistani culture and traditions. They played a prominent role in development of Pakistan. Our ancestors have made commendable sacrifices and the votes have been cast in favour of Pakistan and therefore, Pakistan came into existence on the map of the world.



Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan said, “Minorities are a sacred trust”. At present, Minorities are not enjoying protection under constitutional rights.  We are highly ambitious that all the minorities may live without any fear and as free citizens in Pakistan. They may deliver their capabilities to do prosperity and progress of the country. We invite all the minorities to come on a platform of constitutional reforms and build this country into a great nation.


Aims and Objectives:

  1. Promote a harmonious environment irrespective of the religious, cultural and sectarian hatred.
  2. Awareness among the minority youth for their rights and responsibilities. Save the youth from drugs abuse and help to cure drugs addicted to become beneficial citizens.
  3. Support the democratic values and the fundamental human rights without any distinction of creed, race and sect.
  4. Linkage with the Government departments and help the minorities for getting their fair share in Government colonies and housing schemes.
  5. Struggle for the restoration of Christian educational institutions which were nationalized by the government previously.
  6. Building bridges religious, cultural and social between the Muslim community and the minorities to come on a platform and eliminate all kinds of discriminations.
  7. To provide importance of quality education and health facilities is significant in every society.
  8. Help the minorities in seeking employment in Government sector and raise the quota up to 10%.
  9. In Pakistan, Islamiat (study about Muslim faith) is a compulsory subject in schools and colleges, as non-Muslims, must have curriculum about their own heroes and scholars.
  10. To highlight the issue that constitution limits the political rights of Pakistan’s non-Muslims and only Muslims are allowed to become the President, Prime Minister and to serve as judge in the Federal Shariat Court. We demand to provide all these rights to minorities.
  11. The right to achieve self-determination, self-opinionated, Self-reliance, self-esteem and a spirit of mutual trust and brotherhood.
  12. PMP will be the representative of the minorities in the next General Election: as Union Councils to the Senate and to improve constitutional recognition of the state machinery.
  13. Demand of the separate electorate, dual voting right and electoral district, constituency inclusion in national mainstream. They would become powerful in legislation, politics and in administration.
  14. As our economic, social and religious growth is being adversely effected by the precarious circumstances of the country. The PMP has been striving to become a stepping-stone stepped on the path to success in our country.